Frustrated? Take Action!

The news these days is enough to frustrate even the most engaged of us. Our President makes successively more outrageous statements, while his administration quietly ravages our country's protections, most recently endangered species and LGBTQ Americans. You'd be forgiven if you just wanted to curl up in a ball and hope 2020 gets here before something irreversible happens.

Instead, we've got a few concrete actions you can take to start turning things around now.

1. Support your LGBTQ friends and neighbors. Tonight in Shawnee!

If you missed our update lest week, we outlined the state of legal protections for LGBTQ Kansans, a cause that has been taken up by cities in the absence of action by the Legislative Leadership. See if your city is needs your voice added to the chorus. And if you live in Shawnee, attend the City Council meeting tonight, where discussion and a vote will take place!

2. Get everyone you know to vote in November!

You know who is up for election in November, this year? The people who sit on city councils and vote on legal protections for LGBTQ Kansans. Among others. These local elections are critical for any number of reasons (starting the careers of tomorrow's legislators, governors, and congresspeople), but among them, they affect your lives directly. These are the elected officials, on water boards, boards of education, and city councils, who listen to you most closely, who you see at the grocery store, who affect your taxes.

In elections with historically low turnout, your vote, and the votes of everyone you know, can make a significant shift in the outcome. Want to see a wave in 2020? Start with a high tide in 2019.

How? Join our ground-breaking, free, non-partisan, contact-only-people-you-already-know get-out-the-vote effort, Voter to Voter. Thousands of Kansans already participated in 2018. Learn more and join them and make a real difference.

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Learn more and join the effort at!

3. Contact your Kansas Legislators!

Next year's Kansas Legislative Session will be among the most important in recent memory. Along with continued work to finally give working Kansans medical coverage with Medicaid expansion, holding the line on tax cuts for Kansans and Corporations who don't need them, and keeping Legislative Leadership accountable to their education funding promises, we expect a strong push to amend the Kansas Constitution to remove the reproductive freedoms contained therein.

Prepare yourself, and your Kansas State Legislators, by opening a dialogue with them now.

Do more than vote.

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