Giving Tuesday

Today is #GivingTuesday, when charities ask their supporters to give generously for the causes they support. It is a moment to recognize the value of advocacy, of standing up for what you value, and supporting the organizations that do that work.

At MainStream, we don’t have one cause, unless it is the fight against extremists. We work to counter extremism in Kansas at every turn, whether in the fight for public schools, for sane revenue strategies, or for compassionate health policy. We rely on our partners to help us in these areas, and they deserve your support today, too.

2016 is a critical year in the future of Kansas, with every seat in the Kansas Statehouse up for election. We stood our ground in 2014, preserving legislative seats and gaining some. In 2016 we will work to educate voters, we will advocate for moderate values, and our PAC will work to change the direction of Kansas politics.

If you would like to help us do this work, consider a donation to the MainStream Coalition.

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