Government is not the problem

We have noticed a trend in these first weeks of the Kansas political season. The Governor proposed his vision and plan, and virtually every agency and office has sounded the alarm for their budget. The Governor's irresponsible tax cuts have put us in this crisis, and his blind adherence to that vision has lit a fear under every aspect of State Government. From the courts to the pension, from the roads to public education, everyone is trying to impress upon lawmakers and the public just how crucial their services are to the people of Kansas.

We know what some knee-jerk extremists will be thinking: let them quake, government is the problem, and cutting it can only be good.

But that is simplistic thinking. Government is not the problem. Yes, every organization can use a focused vision, strong leadership, and balanced budgeting. But this idea that government itself is not necessary? That we would be best off without state services and only the barest of administration? That's foolish.

Government holds society together. Government serves the greater good. Government, supported by citizens, makes sure the country remains strong. Kansas is in crisis because government has been decimated by the instant gratification of income tax cuts and the false promises of trickle-down economics. As we cut social services, where are the massive donations to private charities by these newly wealthy citizens? As pensions are repeatedly scoured for loose change, where are the rising wages and employer retirement plans newly profitable companies were going to provide? As public education is crippled, where will children find high quality education that everyone can afford? As hospitals are closed, what will the wealthy with all their tax savings do for the poor and the elderly who need more than trauma care?

Taxes are down, and government is being slashed as a result. But those tax savings have not translated into better jobs, better health care, or better public education.

Government is not the problem. Irresponsible tax cuts, selfish laws, and uncaring legislators are the problem.

The MainStream Coalition will spend this legislative season keeping our Governor and his allies honest about their policies. We will be traveling to Topeka to make ourselves heard, and invite all of you to be there with us. Stay tuned.


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