How do we counter hate?

The news lately has been filled with stories of hateful acts. From the President basking in racists chants, to continued institutional attacks on immigrants, to the murder of an African American transgender woman in Kansas City, and more. You don't have to look far to find people committing acts of hate, emboldened by the validation they feel from the White House, and ignored by a public too weary to join the cries to resist.

At MainStream, our founding principles guide us to respect the rights, beliefs, and freedoms of all individuals. It is what causes us to look past partisan labels and instead at the actions of individual lawmakers. It is what guides us to support education for all children, regardless of means, race, culture, gender identity, or location. It is why we fight to expand healthcare, because everyone deserves to be healthy. Why we fight for voting rights, because every vote should count. It is central to what we do here.

We hear from members and others that it can be overwhelming, standing up to the acts of hate around us. We understand that, we feel it, too. There's a point where buying groceries, doing the laundry, and putting gas in the car are all we can manage. But we know, too, that those on the receiving end of the hateful attacks find it exhausting, dehumanizing, and frightening. So we ask, how can we be valuable allies, how can we counter the hate?

Sometimes hateful acts are clear as day. Red-faced, indignant, scared. And yet, sometimes it is not so easy to recognize. Because hate is not always spittle and froth. Sometimes it is ingrained, sometimes it is subtle, sometimes it has always been there. Sometimes it isn't so much hate as it is dislike, distrust, or dismissal. We see its complexity on a debate stage. We see its subtlety in a taxi that does not stop to pick up a fare. Or news stories that misgender victims, while lamenting their murder.

How do we counter hate, when we are frustrated, horrified, and tired?

Counter hate with those qualities that make you proud, that affirm everyone's worth, that lift you up. We're not suggesting you must accept their point of view. Far from it, there is no equivalency there. We enthusiastically encourage you to stand up for what you believe, and to speak out about it. March, post, write, sing, do it all! Make your voice heard. Just do it without denying others their rights, beliefs, and freedoms.

We counter hate by being better than that.

Is that difficult? Sure, but that isn't a reason not to do it. Is it easier to surround yourself with people who agree with you? Of course, but this country is made up of so many colors, orientations, genders, backgrounds, and yes, opinions, that together make us stronger and more resilient.

Do more than vote.

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