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Last week we asked you to help us extend our reach, to meet new people, reasonable voters and concerned non-voters alike. Half of voting Kansans chose against extremism in this past election, and we'd like to meet them.

This week, we're asking those of you who are not yet members of the MainStream Coalition to please consider joining. We have a special $20 membership offer to get you on board.

If you're already a member, you can gift a $20 membership to someone you know would like to join.

What do you get for membership in MainStream? Not more email, we give that away for free. No stickers or pens or bookmarks. No special sections of the website. We don't think our mission, to support moderate values, would be helped by keeping it exclusive.

No. Your $20 keeps us around. We're a small staff directed by a great volunteer Board, supported by dedicated members and active supporters who recognize the value in what we do.

We inform and educate the public about moderate values. We foster cooperation between different viewpoints, and we find common ground on which to compromise on thorny political issues. We embrace Republicans and Democrats alike, who recognize that extremism is not good for Kansas. Your membership continues this work.

Join us now for $20, or

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Thank you.

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