Join us for the Next Twenty Five Years

Today is the deadline to get tickets to our Stand Up, Speak Out dinner next Sunday. Learn more and buy tickets now.

At the event, we are celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary. In 1993, our six founders took up a charge, to protect the rights of every individual in the face of increasing extremism. in the two-and-a-half decades since then, the group they christened MAINstream has grown and changed. But the mission remains, helping Kansans become informed and engaged to protect their rights, and those of their friends, neighbors, and communities.

Today, we fight for ALL Kansans, for strong public schools, good government, healthy communities, and sustainable fiscal policy. That translates into transparency in public policy, empowered teachers, successful students, strong neighborhoods, representative government, individuals living their lives with dignity and hope. See where we stand on our website.

At this event on Sunday, we will be celebrating our past, but also looking to the next twenty-five years. We could not have gotten here without the support of Kansans like you. We won't be able to keep doing this work without your continued support, and the support of Kansans just now getting involved.

Our Stand Up, Speak Out event is the last place where Democrats, Republicans, and independents come together, and draws from activists, legislators, volunteers, philanthropists, candidates and voters who see the powerful change that can happen when we work towards our shared priorities.

The money raised at this event allows the MainStream Education Foundation to keep the lights on, to keep informing Kansas voters about the issues important to them. It allows us to keep getting voters to engage with their own futures for the causes that matter to them.

Twenty-five years is a long time to be working solely with donations from concerned voters like you. But we have made it this far because you know how hard it is to build bridges, to forge compromise, and to work together to move the needle forward. Thank you. Won’t you join us as we honor the last twenty-five years, and celebrate the next part of our journey?

Today is the last day to buy tickets, but whether you join us or not next Sunday, we hope you will be with us for the next twenty-five years.

Remember, it starts here. With you. Do more than vote.

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