Kansas House Races Need You

You know this is an important upcoming election on November 6th. We've pointed that one or two times! A couple of weeks ago, we talked about how important the race for Governor is. Today, we want to impress upon you the importance of the races for the Statehouse in Topeka.

To put it simply, even with a Governor who prioritizes education, health care, and fiscal sustainability, if Kansas legislators do not send her (or him) good legislation to sign, nothing will move forward. While we made enormous strides towards those positions in the sweeping statehouse elections in 2016, in the primary election this past August, a number of supporters of our values were defeated by ultra conservative opponents. A few chose not to run again, despite their victories in 2016. A few were swamped by outrageous spending from Americans for Prosperity. But the result is that now, the margin is razor thin for schools, health care, and open, sensible politics. There are a number of elections that will determine what can and can't happen over the next two years.

What can you do?

Get involved in your local races now. A lot of the attention is being directed to the US Congressional races, and they are incredibly important for the direction of the country. And it is very likely that interest there will drive some voters who will then also vote in their Kansas House races. But your House candidates can use your help, too. They need you to help them reach voters. They need you to help fund their campaigns. They need you to get your friends out to vote.

We've used these numbers before but that doesn't make them any less stark: In 2014, when Sam Brownback won a second term as Governor, he won by about 35,000 votes. Do you know how many Kansans voted in that election? 800,000. Do you know how many Kansans were registered to vote, but did not cast a ballot in that election? Also 800,000. Eight hundred thousand people bothered to register to vote, but did not actually vote in 2014.

Get out the vote. For your candidate. For your community. For you.

Here's how you can do it:

It starts here. With you. Do more than vote.

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