Kansas Leaders Ask Legislators to Keep Kansas Open

The Mainstream Coalition has come together with a wide collection of economic, faith, education, and advocacy leaders to urge Kansas lawmakers to reject legislation that would harm children and families, make elections more difficult, and cast Kansas in a poor light for economic investment.

We, undersigned, are writing to strongly support the Governor’s veto of various troublesome divisive bills including those that encourage bullying and discrimination against transgender youth (SB 55) and election bills that limit citizen participation in open and fair elections, primarily impacting Black and Latino, elderly, disabled, LGBTQ Kansans, and rural voters (HB 2183, HB 2332).

Kansas is a welcoming state. We cherish our neighbors and prioritize genuine connections. These bills do not adhere to Kansas values. Those of us signing this letter refuse to condone divisive legislation that is harmful to our children and disproportionately impacts vulnerable Kansans. The future of Kansas and the families that call it home, deserve better...

The full letter and list of signees is available here: https://www.mainstreamcoalition.org/keep_kansas_open

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