Measures of competence guide our endorsements

This is a response from MainPAC, the political action committee of the MainStream Coalition, to an article posted about our endorsements in Tuesday's elections.

The article in the Prairie Village Post from Tuesday, March 31, MainStream Coalition, Kansans for Life at odds over local candidates in April election; both groups doing mailers does a nice job of identifying the difference in the two organizations, but fails to emphasize several important points.

What does it mean to elect an individual endorsed by one of these organizations?

For KFL, it means someone gets elected who opposes abortion, but they may not have the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively lead our communities/state in these challenging times. Why, because information on experience, views on broader issues affecting us, and in general, assessing any measures of competence are not sought by KFL and play no role in determining whom they endorse. As Culp explains, “We try to stick to our issues.” Unfortunately, their success in getting their single-issue endorsees elected has left Kansas in the turmoil we see today.

MainStream, on the other hand, seeks to assess candidates views over a broader spectrum of issues relevant to the position sought. Individuals endorsed hold a more moderate position in the political spectrum and tend to be more competent at serving the broader needs of Kansas, its communities and all Kansans.

While the article acknowledges that both groups endorsed David Lindstrom, it failed to assess the significance of this. KFL endorses Lindstrom solely because he opposes abortion and without considering his broader qualifications to serve as a JCCC trustee. MainStream, on the other hand, looked at the larger picture of Mr. Lindstrom’s capabilities, and, though MainStream supports women’s reproductive rights, realizes that this issue plays almost no role in JCCC governance. As a result, Mr. Lindstrom’s views on this issue do not disqualify him from serving our community as a college trustee.

That both organizations endorse an individual who is likely to serve with distinction is strictly an accident. MainStream made its decision based on measures of competence, while this competence was merely incidental to KFL selection.

To determine which set of endorsements to use, one needs simply to look at the mess KFL endorsees are making of Kansas. They may oppose abortion, but many of them are incapable of otherwise leading us in these challenging times.

Harry McDonald
Co-Chair, MainPAC

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