Message to Legislators on Constitutional Amendments, 2020

We are sending this message to all 165 Kansas State Legislators, concerning Constitutional amendments and other measures that have been introduced or proposed for action in the Legislature. In short, Mainstream will find it virtually impossible to support legislators who support any of these or similar measures.

The Mainstream Coalition was founded in 1993 by a sitting Republican State Representative, a sitting Democratic State Representative, and two active members of the clergy, among others. Our Board and membership are bipartisan, and our organization is nonpartisan. Our membership is strongest in Northeast Kansas, but we have members across the state. The concerns we bring are shared by Kansans across a range of political identities.

The Mainstream Coalition advocates for the following policy positions: good governance, quality public education, healthy communities, and sustainable fiscal policy. To do this work, we engage voters, advocates, and elected officials. Communication and a willingness to compromise are essential to reaching our goals.

Changes to the Kansas Constitution should never be taken lightly, and we must consider proposed amendments carefully. When lawmakers suggest Constitutional amendments on controversial issues, either to make political waves, or in an effort to enshrine extremism into the Constitution, we see no benefit in compromise.

Several measures have been recently proposed or introduced that Mainstream opposes. For example:

  • An amendment to eliminate the protection for individual reproductive freedoms contained in the Kansas Constitution.
  • An amendment to change the merit based method of nominating Supreme Court Justices to the Kansas Supreme Court.
  • An amendment to eliminate the requirement in the Kansas Constitution to make suitable provision for finance of the educational interests of the state.
  • An initiative to convene a Constitutional Convention of the States to amend the United States Constitution.

The Mainstream Coalition would find it virtually impossible to support legislators who support any of these or similar measures.

Thank you for your attention,

Ed Peterson
Board President, Mainstream Coalition

Michael Poppa
Executive Director, Mainstream Coalition

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