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This summer, for the primary election, MainStream hired interns, contacted voters about issues, and got out the vote. We hit 22,000 doors, made 5,000 phone calls, and also engaged with 2,500 voters in our Voter to Voter program. That's a lot of hot days walking, and a lot of calls to strangers. But the part we'd like to focus on is the last one, the 2,500 voters we touched directly with Voter to Voter. Because we want you to help us multiply that tenfold.

You've heard us talking about our Voter to Voter program. In it, we give you the tools used by campaigns and parties to contact the people you know, your family, friends, and co-workers. Then we give you tips and ideas, sample messages and important dates and you're in charge of getting in touch with those people, since you know them best. This is called relational advocacy, and we're proving that it works.

Here are some numbers to digest:

  • Turnout in Kansas for the primaries was 27.1%
  • Turnout in Johnson County was 30%
  • Turnout for our 2,500 voters was 60%

But that's not the best part. Here's the best part. Using the public voting record, we can look at the entire group and know how many of them typically vote in primaries, how many usually vote in municipal elections, and so on. We split the group up into three: regular voters, infrequent voters, and people who hardly ever vote.

  • The regular voters, they voted at almost a 90% turnout rate. That's great, we love regular voters.
  • The infrequent voters, they voted at 47%.
  • But the non-voters, they voted at 41%!

How did we do this? With our Voter to Voter project. Who did this? People like you, calling their friends. Texting them. Sitting down with them for coffee. Telling them about the importance of voting, about early voting. In fact, 95% of our voters who requested a mail-in ballot used it to vote.

We want you to join us in the Voter to Voter project for the general election. Let's make a real difference.

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It starts here. With you. Do more than vote.

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