Multiply your vote 10x

We have a joke at MainStream, that we urge supporters to vote early and often... but only as often as the law allows. Of course, that means in every election, every time, and in Kansas we now vote every year in August and November. Do you have a plan to vote on August 7th?

Now, let us show you how to make your vote count ten more times.

Imagine if you had a tool that helped you find ten of your friends, family, or co-workers who don't vote every time. Imagine if that tool made it easy for you to talk to those ten people about voting. Imagine if that tool helped you show them how to vote early, pointed them to stories about the impact of voting, and gave you tips on how to engage them in voting.

Imagine you got ten people who don't normally vote to go to the polls in August.

Multiply your vote with us.

MainStream's Education Foundation is running the non-partisan Voter to Voter project to engage Kansans in a new culture of voting. We have developed an online tool to help supporters become Voting Ambassadors to people they know, to encourage them to become active, engaged voters. We won't tell anyone who to vote for, just how to vote and why it's so important.

  • Your organization can provide Ambassadors for this effort, learn about your community's voting habits, and see how they improve their participation, learn more at our site. This is a non-partisan effort to get out the vote, to build a culture of voting. We have dozens of organizations signed up, including Village Presbyterian, Congregation Beth Torah, El Centro, Vibrant Health of Wyandotte, the Strawberry Hill Neighborhood Association, and more.

    Email Lindsay at [email protected] for more information and training dates.

  • You can join MainStream's team yourself! We need you.
    Learn more at our site, or sign up for our MainStream specific training session:

    Wed, June 27 from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
    MainStream Member Event at Colonial Church
    7039 Mission Rd, Prairie Village, KS 66208
    RSVP here

Join us.

What else can you do?

Be sure to make your own voting plan. Once you've gotten your vote rolling (by applying for a mail-in ballot), check out these options for making even more of a difference.

It starts here. With you. Do more than vote.

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