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Two weeks until the Kansas primary elections. There's not a lot more to be said at this point. August 2nd is the first chance we have to change the direction of politics in Kansas. You're already planning on voting. But if you really want to see change, we need to get a lot more people voting.

We are doing what we can. Political campaigns are hard work, and nothing can substitute for it. We've hired interns to work on getting out the vote. Our PAC has put out their endorsements, to help people know who supports moderate positions. We held our Step Up Rally to bring support for those candidates. And in these last two weeks, we need to really step up the pressure. We need to do the work.

There are news stories below about 17,000 Kansas voters who will have their votes in local and state elections thrown out this year, for not meeting Kris Kobach's voter ID requirements. This is the kind of effort we oppose at MainStream, and this is why we need to make a difference this election. The first vote is on August 2nd, but the war starts now.

Are you ready?

We have a new office space for the election season, and we're organizing phone banks to get out the vote and support candidates. We need you and your cell phone. Click the lin above, and sign up for just one two-hour slot in the next two weeks. Your call could make the difference.

Not ready to make phone calls? Then take a yard sign, walk for a candidate, or host a coffee. We can put you in touch with the candidates.

You can watch Twitter's #ksleg feed scroll by. You can hit like on Facebook when someone makes fun of the latest Kansas extremist fantasy. You can watch the national conventions these next two weeks and roll your eyes. But if you want to make a difference, help us. We plan to be working until the very last minute. Please say we can count on you do do more than just vote this year.

Thank you.

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