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The MainStream Education Foundation is dedicated to a singular vision: the more informed voters are, the better they can make decisions that will benefit them. Even just the choice of whether to vote, or even to register to vote, can make a huge difference in their lives. Making an informed choice, making the right choice for you and your family… that is what the MainStream Education Foundation works for.

At this year’s annual Stand Up, Speak Out event in October, the MainStream Education Foundation is proud to be honoring Dr. Cynthia Lane, Superintendent of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools. Dr. Lane has spent her career in service to schools and children, but in this past year, her calm hand and unfailing advocacy for the children of Wyandotte County has been an inspiration.

You’ll remember the piano incident, where Governor Brownback and his allies used the replacement of a piano in the KCK schools as an example of profligate spending in Kansas public schools. Dr. Lane did not shy from this trumped up controversy, and put the loudest critics to rest as she always does, with the best interest of Kansas City's schoolchildren in mind.

But the piano was the least of the difficulties Dr. Lane dealt with this year, a year that started with new restrictions on teachers and an already limited budget, and ended with a new, even less generous school funding scheme that has already been declared unconstitutional.

We are excited to honor her for the work she does, and her unflinching resolve to stand up and speak out for the citizens of Kansas City, Kansas.

Won't you join us at the Stand Up, Speak Out awards dinner to celebrate Dr. Lane and other individuals and organizations who refused to stand aside and keep quiet this year?

Learn more and RSVP now.

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