Start Defending Kansas Women Now

Georgia. Alabama. Missouri. Pro-Life extremists are passing abortion laws even their own supporters think go too far. Their intent? Get the issue before the newly conservative US Supreme Court, in an attempt to revoke the right to legal, safe abortions. The result? Hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of women in those states are having their lives thrown into turmoil. Kansas is next.

What's going on in Kansas?

The Kansas Supreme Court handed down a decision this year, ruling that the Constitution of the State of Kansas guarantees the right of a woman to control her own reproductive and medical fate. Abortion is a right protected in Kansas.

As a result, the Pro-Life forces are marshaling to introduce an amendment to the Kansas Constitution in the next Legislative Session, beginning in January 2020. This amendment will need two-thirds of the members the Kansas Legislature to approve it before it will appear on the 2020 ballot. This will be a close vote.

Once on the ballot, an amendment to the Kansas Constitution only requires a simple majority of Kansans to vote in favor to be approved. Just 51% of voters. In an off year like 2019, an amendment on the ballot would have had a strong chance of passing. Extremist voters could have overwhelmed an otherwise low turnout election. But Kansans For Life delayed, to instead attempt to put the amendment on the 2020 ballot. Why?

Because they don't just want the amendment to pass. They want extremist 2020 candidates to be buoyed by their Pro-Life voters.

It's not about reducing the number of abortions, but about establishing an extremist stronghold in Kansas.

Start now, keep going

Your Kansas legislators will be voting on this amendment in the next Legislative Session. Start now, letting them know what you think. The MainStream Coalition's position is clear. We support a woman's choice in matters of their reproductive health, and we reject divisive "pro-abortion" labels. Nobody is in favor of abortion. Instead, we strongly support data-driven efforts to reduce abortion rates by improving access to comprehensive sex education as well as affordable family planning. (See Where We Stand)

In addition, we have unequivocally indicated that we cannot support any legislator who would support a change like this to the Kansas Constitution. (See our statement) We have already testified against a proposed amendment like this. (See testimony against HCR 5004)

Don't forget about 2019

What else can you do? Play the long game. Focus now on the elections this year, where local, municipal, and school board officials will begin their careers. Among the people elected this year will be the future legislators who will make these decisions for you and your children.

Do more than vote.

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