Step Up

It is time to step up to make a difference in the fate of our state. How can you do that? Follow these steps!

1. Register to vote!

If you're not yet registered to vote, do it now! The deadline for the primaries is July 12! Don't let the extremists win with their voter suppression efforts. Already registered to vote, find out if your friends, family, nieces or nephews are registered. This is how we make a difference. Register to vote here!

2. Get an advance ballot!

So simple, it makes voting easy, and helps your candidates save time and money. The deadline to request a ballot for the primaries in July 29! They know when if you have voted early, and can concentrate their energies on convincing others. Apply for an advance ballot here!

3. Become a precinct chair!

It's like running for elected office, but the lite version. Put your name on the ballot, and then if your legislator retires mid-term, you get to pick the successor! Last session, there were three retirements mid-session. We cannot cede this small but critical role to the extremists. The deadline is June 1! Follow these instructions to get your name on the ballot.

4. Volunteer for a candidate!

Come to our Step Up Rally on July 9 and meet the candidates. Sign up to help, to take a yard sign or give money, walk the streets or make phone calls. Every little bit helps them get to Topeka to represent you, and to stem the tide of legislation that is dragging Kansas down. Learn more about the rally here!

5. Vote!

If you don't vote early with an advance ballot (though you really should), then make a party of it. Invite friends, make a plan, decide now how you will vote on Tuesday, August 2nd. Will you have to go from work, or on your way to work in the morning? Will you take your kids to watch democracy in action? What about your neighbors? Make a block party of it.

6. Volunteer for us!

We connect volunteers with candidates, but we also need them for our own efforts. Work with our staff and interns to make phone calls, staff events, host parties or spread the word about doing more than voting. See all our opportunities here!

7. Donate!

If you don't have the time, maybe you can spare funds to help us organize others. MainStream holds events, hosts candidates, hires interns, and works non-stop to bring sanity back to Kansas politics. See how you can donate here.

8. Send this URL to everyone you know!

Use the buttons below to post to Facebook or Twitter. Copy the URL and email it. But tell your friends and family that it is time to step up.

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