Testimony Opposing HB 2274, Requiring Doctors to Promote Uncertain Reproductive Health Procedures

This is testimony delivered to the House Committee on Health and Human Services in opposition to HB 2274, a bill that requires doctors to tell patients that the "abortion pill" is reversible, while medical fact indicates this may not be true.

Testimony to House Committee on Health and Human Services
Chair, Rep. Brenda Landwehr
Hearing: Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Position – OPPOSE HB 2274

Chairwoman Landwehr, and Members of the Committee, 

The MainStream Coalition opposes passage of HB 2274. MainStream was founded on the separation of church and state, and in the case of this bill, not only does it propose to restrict legal abortion rights for moralistic reasons, but it relies on unproven science to do so.

In almost all cases, objections to abortion rights come from a place of faith. We applaud people of strong religious belief, religious leaders were among our own founders. But they, and we, do not believe that one person’s faith should be imposed on another person, that is the foundation of the separation of church and state, and religious freedom. The decisions between a woman and her doctor about her reproductive health should not be intruded upon by the state.

In addition, this bill would require doctors to discuss with their patients an unproven theory, one that has not been shown to be true, that the effects of the so called “abortion pill” can be reversed. This is not just irresponsible, but dangerous to women seeking advice from trusted doctors.

While there are many other reasons this bill should be opposed, we propose that these should be enough to prevent this bill from moving forward. Please, protect the women in our communities by maintaining the sacred, trusted relationship between a patient and her doctor. Please oppose this bill.

Thank you,

Brandi Fisher
Executive Director of the MainStream Coalition

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