Testimony opposing SCR 1602 - Restrictions on economic success

This is MainStream's testimony opposing SCR 1602, a Constitutional amendment designed to restrict the state's economic options. You can download a copy of our testimony here.

Testimony to Senate Committee on Assessment and Taxation
Chair, Sen. Caryn Tyson
Hearing: Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Position – OPPOSE SCR 1602

Chair Tyson, and Members of the Committee, 

The MainStream Coalition stands in strong opposition to SCR 1602, which would put artificial and restrictive limits on the ability of the state to enact responsible economic policies.

This resolution, if enacted, would forcibly take from the Legislature the “power of the purse,” and would impose fiscal requirements on state policy that are not sound economically, but rather founded on unproven economic theory. These provisions are tantamount to codifying the policies that have sunk Kansas into the revenue, jobs, and services crisis it is in now.

In fact, when similar policies have been enacted in other states, they have resulted in disastrous economic outcomes, and shackled the ability of those states to recover.

This is irresponsible policy masquerading as “common sense.” In truth, the complex nature of state financial requirements cannot be boiled down to back of the envelope, kitchen table analogies. A Constitutional amendment does not lend itself to the kind of quick and innovative solutions a state needs to be nimble and successful in a global economy.

We urge you to trust in the wisdom of the Kansans people, and the representatives they hire (and fire) to represent them. Leave the full flexibility of economic policy in their hands.

We urge you to oppose SCR 1602.

Thank you, 

Brandi Fisher
Executive Director, MainStream Coalition

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