With the Thanksgiving holiday this week, we are reminded to thank all of you, who took a stand and did more than just vote this election. Without your work, the results of this election might have been much different. Thank you.

We are also grateful that Kansans reached across the political divide this year, as a state where only 25% of voters are registered as Democrats elected a centrist, moderate, no-nonsense Democrat as Governor. At its heart, Kansas remains a state of common sense politics. We are working every year to return it to those roots, and give thanks that Kansas are along for that ride.

And finally, as we do every year, we'd like to ask you for a favor. When you get together with family this year, or with friends, or when you next celebrate with the ones you love, don't avoid politics. These are the people you know best. If you can't talk about politics with them, who can you reach? Every one of us is affected by the decisions of our elected officials. Every one of us has a stake in the political process.

Thank you, again, for your courage, energy, and effort.

Remember, it starts here. With you. Do more than vote.

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