The Mainstream Coalition applauds Governor Kelly’s veto of discriminatory bill

Today, Kansas Governor Laura Kelly vetoed SB 55, a bill that would have discriminated against transgender girls and women in our public schools and colleges.

The proponents of this bill say that it would have provided a “level playing field” for girls practicing sports, by preventing transgender girls and women from participating with their peers. We contend that, rather than providing fairness, it perpetuated the idea that some in our society deserve less than others, by the simple fact of their existence.

Kansas was founded to fight discrimination, and it is not surprising that this bill did not originate with Kansans. It was created and pushed by organizations outside of our state, and taken up by a few in Leadership who hoped to reap political rewards. This bill singled out children who are already at greater risk of bullying and suicide than their peers, and gave adults the right to shame and question them.

The Mainstream Coalition, our Board of Directors, our members, and our supporters are grateful to Gov. Kelly for her principled and compassionate opposition to this legislation. We encourage lawmakers to oppose it in turn, and sustain her veto of SB 55, should it come to the floor during the Veto Session of the Kansas Legislature.

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