The Most Important Thing You Need To Do

One action you can take, what our communities, state, and nation need most, is for everyone to vote in 2020. Polls show youth favor change by shocking margins, and yet, turnout numbers show they don't vote. Seventy-five percent of Americans believe we should stay sheltered in place, and yet their elected representatives argue for their freedom to infect others. Most Kansans want to Expand Medicaid, and yet a few in Leadership have blocked it. The fix to this?


Of course it's vote. You knew that. But we need to do more than vote. We need to be sure to vote. We need to be sure others have access to vote. We need to be sure everyone we know votes. With COVID-19 throwing a wrench into the country's in-person voting processes, there's still a method in Kansas to get your vote counted. Voting by mail.

Here's what you can do right now

Request a Kansas ballot in the mail. Today. Right now at Check both boxes, to receive a ballot for the Primary in August and another for the General election in November. Your ballots will come in the mail about three weeks before the election dates. Don't worry, we'll be sure to remind you to fill it out. ;)

The Johnson County Election Office announced yesterday that they would be mailing advance ballot applications to every registered voter in the county. Wyandotte County has done this for years. But when the application arrives, you still have to fill it out and send it back, and then wait for your ballot. The link above is the application process, and all you're waiting for is the ballot itself.

We applaud the election officers who have taken this step, but there's no reason to wait for them to do it. Save them the trouble, request your ballots online now.

Here's the next thing you can do, right now

Requested your ballots? Thank you. Now send this email to everyone you know. Or just copy the link and send that. There's no downside. Get everyone you know to request a ballot in the mail. While we must keep polling locations open for those who need to use them, everyone who can should vote by mail. Kansas does not require a reason to vote by mail, just an application.

Why is this so important? Because everyone counts, and we want your voice to be heard. The Mainstream Coalition is part of the Kansas Coalition for Citizen Participation, which is looking at ways to further improve the rights of voters in Kansas. Access to a mail-in ballot is just one of those initiatives. We'll keep you up to date on other ways you can help protect voting rights as we move towards the election.

Stay home to stay safe, vote, and do more than vote.

- Danny Novo
  Communications Director

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