This is how we will move Kansas forward

We knew it would be a long night. We knew uncertainty would fill the days following the election. So, while we wait for the final counts in the presidential election and other key national races, we must keep up hope.

On the Kansas legislative front, partisan extremists have continued to retrench across the state. Although there are still a handful of House races too close to call, the unofficial final results indicate extremists held their position in the Senate and picked up seats in the House to secure a supermajority in both chambers.

This is significant, because so much is on the line. We still haven’t expanded Medicaid. Women’s reproductive rights are still under attack. Kansas still doesn’t protect everyone equally. Our schools will still need support to overcome the challenges of COVID-19. Extremists will continue to try and take away our most basic rights, and next year’s Kansas Legislature will be the most partisan in years. 

Although this morning looks bleak, the Mainstream Coalition will continue to be there for you - advocating, more than ever, for you and our shared priorities. We have some heavy lifting ahead of us, and we must stay vigilant to our mission.

But there is a larger conversation we will need to have in the coming months, about how to bridge the gulf this election has highlighted between Americans, Kansans, and neighbors. It is within that space where we will find the common ground to accomplish the most good for all Kansans. This is how we will move Kansas forward. Together.

Your support means everything, and we won’t be able to do this without you. As we work on our 2021 strategy, we will once again call on you to Do More Than Vote. Until then, take some well-deserved time to rest and recharge. So much is at stake for the fate of Kansas, but you worked harder than ever this year. 

Thank you.

Michael Poppa
Executive Director, Mainstream Coalition

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