This Week - November 4, 2019

The election is tomorrow! Vote! Get your friends to vote! Come watch the returns with us! And what is going on in the Wichita Mayoral race? Wow.

Vote Tomorrow!!

Surely you don't need to be reminded that there is an election tomorrow, November 5th, for all Kansans. If you have already voted, thank you! If you have a plan to vote tomorrow, thank you. If you weren't planning on voting... please do? With an Amendment on the ballot on fixing how Kansas handles the US Census results (vote Yes) every single Kansas voter has something on their ballot. All 1.8 million of us.

Here are some links:

Get Your Friends to Vote!

It's easy! Most people are grateful to hear from friends about the importance of voting. Copy and paste the links just above into an email, a FB message, or a text, and ask them to go vote tomorrow!

Remember, friends don't let friends skip elections!

Come watch the voter turnout with us!

We will be gathered with the Voter to Voter crew in Overland Park to watch the election returns, and they will specifically be watching the turnout numbers. Join us for some warm conversation about elections!

Catch up on Wichita's Mayoral Race

If you haven't been following Wichita's mayoral race, you've missed an interesting story. It began with a YouTube advertisement accusing one of the candidates of sexual harassment, using actresses reading allegations from a 2014 incident involving an entirely different person in a different part of the state. Stories began appearing quickly about the sketchy nature of the ad's creation, about who sponsored it, and about who supported its release. The Wichita Eagle has been following the story closely, and if you're in Wichita, it might be worth a read.

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