This Week - October 7, 2019

This week in Kansas politics you can support an NDO in Overland Park, learn more about expanding Medicaid in Kansas, and participate in the effort, and be part of a community-wide effort in Wyandotte/KCK to be a safe and welcoming community. Amazing things are afoot in Kansas, be part of it. Do more than vote.

Tonight! Non-Discrimination Ordinance in Overland Park

Mayor Carl Gerlach called a special meeting of the Overland Park City Council for 6:30 tonight ahead of the regularly schedule 7:30 meeting, to discuss and prepare to vote on an non-discrimination ordinance (NDO) to extend legal protections to LGBTQ+ people in the city. This follows last week's passing of an NDO by Lenexa, and may preview action in Olathe in a few weeks. The public may attend, although OP City Council meetings do not offer time for public comment. Instead, public comment was heard a month ago at a Development Committee meeting.

Tuesday in OP: No barriers to access health care, no delays to get it passed

Kansas is one of only 14 states to not have expanded Medicaid. Opponents have repeatedly fought expansion, delaying votes, and calling for more study. Now, though, it seems Kansans have finally impressed upon their legislators the importance of this action. The state's coalition leading the fight to expand Medicaid (KanCare in Kansas) is holding meetings across the state this month to talk about what expansion could look like, and to ask that there be no barriers put in place to limit coverage. Other states have tried to enforce work requirements, or have asked the Federal government for special waivers (that have then been denied). Come to this event to learn more, to tell your story, and meet others in your community concerned about health care access.

Tuesday in Wyandotte: Safe and Welcoming Town Hall

The Safe and Welcoming Wyandotte Coalition, a group of 30 organizations of which MainStream is one, is holding a town hall meeting on Tuesday to talk about creating a municipal ID, and establishing guidelines for interaction between local law enforcement and federal immigration authorities. A municipal ID is an idea put forward by the ACLU's Safe and Welcoming Kansas effort, and would allow people who do not have a driver's license to access basic necessities, like opening a bank account, filling prescriptions, or registering children for school. This includes senior citizens, immigrants, homeless individuals, re-entering citizens, foster youth, and others. Show your support for every Kansan at this event.

Dare to be political

When we are working to get out the vote, we often hear the following from Kansans, "Oh, I'm not political." At MainStream, we are constantly asking people to talk politics with their friends, to get in touch with their representatives, to advocate for what is most important to them. We ask them to do more than vote. That's what being political means. Join us at Stand Up, Speak Out on October 29, 2019, the largest non-partisan gathering of political Kansans in the state. Dare to be political.

  • Buy tickets to Stand Up, Speak Out 2019, and join hundreds of voters, activists, advocates, candidates, and elected officials at the only non-partisan event of its kind in Kansas. Tuesday, October 29, starting at 5:30 pm (program starts at 7 pm) at the Overland Park Convention Center. Learn more

Do more than vote

Take a minute now to let your Kansas legislators know you're paying attention.

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