Vote today!

This is going to be a simple Update, because you have but one task today. Vote. No, it is not election day, but you can cast your vote today! No, it is not 2020, but you can vote for important positions that affect you directly, and you can do it today! It is time. We vote every August and November in Kansas. Get out there and vote, and bring people with you!

1. Do you have a Primary Election?

Fourteen Kansas counties have primary elections next week, on August 6th. Here's a list, to see if your county needs your vote:

2. Bring People With You!

This is so important. In 2017, 8% of registered voters in Wichita voted in the local election. In Johnson County, it was 17%. Those numbers are terrible, but there's a silver lining: your vote has an outsized influence! Get your family, your friends, maybe even grab a stranger off the street, and go vote. Make it a party! Take people who agree with you, and swing the election!

3. Here's How to Vote!

At home! You can vote from the comfort of your kitchen table, with a mail-in ballot. Tomorrow (Tuesday the 30th) is the last day to order a ballot to be delivered in the mail. It only takes a few minutes to order it at! Do it now!

In person! Rather cast a vote at the polls? You can do that now! Today, this week, even on the weekend in some places, even next Monday! When it works for you. Again, check your county with this list to see where, and when. Then get your people together, and go vote, vote, vote (offer limited to one vote per person).

Next Tuesday... If you must, Election Day is next Tuesday, August 6th, from 7 am to 7 pm. You will need to go to your polling location (you should have gotten a postcard in the mail telling you where that is), and your friends might have to go to a different one, so you can't make it a party. And there might be lines. And really you should vote early, at your convenience!

Ugh! You all are so tiresome about this voting thing!

We know you will vote (or have already voted!), but your friends might roll their eyes at you when you want to drag them out to vote. Here's what you tell them:

Kris Kobach's first elected office was for city council in Overland Park. Imagine what might have happened if he had lost that race? You can stop the next Kris Kobach with your vote this week.

Local elections decide local issues like how often the garbage gets picked up, what it costs to go to the pool, how much you pay in property taxes, how good your schools are, and so much more.

It will make you feel good to vote. Guaranteed.

Do more than vote.

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