When you vote, let the world know that you voted for the future of Kansas. Send a tweet, post an update, shoot a movie or snap a picture, but tag it with #ivoted4ks

Why vote?

Every year in August and November, there are elections in Kansas. This is your opportunity to be heard. This is when you can make good on the promises you made during the past years to stop the extremists from taking our state. Republican, Democrat, or Unaffiliated, make a promise to yourself to get out and vote.

Use this toolkit to get ready to vote.

Know who is running

Find your current elected officials

Find candidates running for office via your county elections office

Learn all you can about your candidates on newspaper websites, social media, their own websites, etc. You can also research their voting record on these sites:

Check your voter registration

The opportunity to register to vote, or to change your existing voter registration for the August 5th primaries has passed.

Check your voter registration status

Check your photo ID!

To vote in Kansas, you will need to present a valid photo ID, such as a Driver's License. If you do not have one, you may use another form of photo ID. See what other IDs will work.

Choose how you will vote

Vote ahead of time—in person or by mail—or vote at your polling place on election day. But do vote. It's a right and a duty, both.

Advance voting in person

Advance voting by mail

    • Download an advance voting application through your local election office above
    • An advanced voting ballot will be mailed to you
    • Advanced voting ballots must be at your county election office before election day

Voting on election day

Do more than vote

Get out the vote among people you know. Tell a friend or a family member when you plan to vote, and invite them to come, or fill out your advance voting ballot together and mail it right away. Make it an event! More voters means a more representative democracy.

Take the pledge to do more than vote, today!

After you've voted

Once you have voted, post a status update, a picture, or both on Facebook or Twitter, with the hashtag #ivoted4ks.

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