We Walk for All of Us

George Floyd was murdered on Memorial Day, May 25, 2020, a little over a week ago. Our country has convulsed in the aftermath with protests, anger, and grief, and the final story is still being written. Americans have been asked to not look away from the racism ingrained in our society, from the reactions of police and government, from the lives of those experiencing racism. Americans are being asked to listen to their voices.

In light of these events, the two day Special Session of the Kansas Legislature seems like an afterthought. They met Wednesday and Thursday this week, and voted for a compromise proposal on the Governor's pandemic relief powers, after she vetoed their original restrictions last week. You can read about the KS Special Session here.

Mainstream is a small organization, and we've been paddling furiously for 27 years fighting extremism in Kansas. We believe fervently in the power of the people to change the institutions that govern them. We work hard to engage Kansans to advocate for their priorities, to engage in the political process as the only way to embed these priorities in society.

But we need your voice.

Walk the Vote logoOur Virtual Walk the Vote fundraiser is next Saturday, June 13. When we ask "Why do you walk," we're asking what issue it is that gets you to stand up out of your chair, to get out of your house, to speak out. At Mainstream, we walk for equality, justice, immigrant rights, education, opportunity, the environment... we walk for all of us.

  • Join these teams at Virtual Walk the Vote
    All Out of Bubblegum
    Any Functioning Adult
    Bgunn to Vote
    Budetti 4 Kansas
    Championing KS from Council Grove
    Ethan for Kansas
    Game On Walkers
    Grandparents Against Gun Violence
    Happy Feet
    Indivisible Kansas City
    Joy for Kansas
    Justice Coalition
    Lindsey Constance for Kansas
    Mainstream Team
    Meet Me November 3
    Pat Pettey 4 Ks Senate
    Progressive Social Network Olathe
    Sally for Kansas
    Sharice for Congress
    Six Degrees of Activism
    Sykes For Senate
    Team Woodard Walkers
    The Walking Xus (plus Astra)
    Village Church SWATF
    Vision Voters
    Walk for Change
    Walk for Change
    Who run the world? MOMS!

Stay safe, vote, and do more than vote. Sign up for Virtual Walk the Vote 2020.

- Danny Novo
  Communications Director

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