You Have One Job

This week, the Kansas Legislature met briefly each day to either a) see if leadership had come up with a budget (no), or b) consider ill-advised pet legislation to while away the time. In the end, perhaps embarrassed by charging the people of Kansas $42,700 a day to do nothing, they adjourned for an unpaid four-day weekend.

Remember the piano that caused such furor among the Governor and his allies? That piano cost $47,000.

The blame for this rests squarely on the leadership of the Kansas Legislature. For weeks now, they have been unable to reach a compromise that will keep the state solvent, that is sustainable, and that does not shortchange the citizens of Kansas.

The Governor may have gotten us into this mess, but the leadership of the Legislature is keeping us here.

When the legislature came back into session after their spring break, they had just one job. Craft a budget for the State of Kansas that funded their promises and gave every Kansan the opportunity to succeed. With constant attacks on health care, education, and the justice system it is clear they aren't bothered by the fate of average Kansans. But even with that minimum requirement disposed of, they still have not been able to close the budget gap created by Governor Brownback's tax giveaway.

They have one job to do.

We are asking you do do one thing, too. Before you go for your Memorial Day break, do some work for Kansas. We urge every constituent to contact the leadership of the Kansas Legislature to demand that they do their jobs.

Tell the Kansas Leadership to pass a budget for all Kansans now!

Have a wonderful holiday.

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