There's 1 Week Until Aug 2 - What's Your Voting Plan?

The August 2nd primary election is only 1 WEEK AWAY. In addition to the historic vote on abortion access, there are primaries throughout the state for national, state, and local offices. Make sure to find your ballot and voting information at or

You can also check out Mainstream Coalition's election resources for more information about how to request an advance ballot (deadline is today - July 26!) or vote early in person, where your polling location is, our MainPAC ratings for candidates and KSLeg Voting Scorecard, and more!


Next Tuesday's vote on the so-called "value them both" amendment could give power to just 165 elected officials to remove the rights and bodily autonomy from half of the nearly 3 million residents who call Kansas home. If you're part of the 10% of Kansas voters who are still unsure of how you'll vote on this issue, or have friends and family who are unsure, here are resources to help you get the facts about the upcoming vote.
  • Read more about our position on the constitutional amendment, including the facts about current regulations around abortion in Kansas.
  • Join us tonight (Tue, 7/26) for A Community Conversation on Reproductive Rights with American Public Square and Kansas City Media Collective. Mainstream Executive Director Michael Poppa will join other panelists for a conversation about the economic, legal and human implications of the August 2nd vote. Register for this online panel.
  • Participate in A Conversation About Faith and Abortion, hosted by the Church of the Resurrection Leawood. You can attend the Wednesday evening event in person or watch online.
  • Make sure your network knows that all registered voters - including Unaffiliated and Independent voters - are able to vote on the constitutional amendment. Share this Amendment 101 information from our affiliate, The Voter Network, and don't let your friends sit this one out!
  • Elected extremists are turning KS into a state that doesn't reflect the commonsense interests of Kansans. This election cycle, make sure you're asking candidates about their position on issues that matter to you, and hold them accountable for their words and actions. Read our opinion piece in the Kansas Reflector: Now is the time to sit up and pay attention, Kansans. What kind of state do we want?


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