ALERT! Email the Education Committee to Oppose Transgender Discrimination in SB 208

SB 208, a bill that will discriminate against trans girls and women in Kansas school sports, will have a hearing at 1:30 pm on Tuesday, February 23, 2021, in the Senate Committee on Education. The bill, under the guise of providing "a level playing field" would prevent trans girls and women from participating with their peers in school sports.

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Introduced by Sen. Renee Erickson (R, *M:7%), SB 208 is called the "Creating the Fairness in Women's Sports Act," while it does just the opposite, perpetuating the idea that some in our society deserve less than others, by the simple fact of their existence. The bill would bar trans girls and women from participating in girls sports in school.

To be clear, this bill is discriminatory, hurtful, and devoid of basis in fact. Proponents will argue their goal is fairness, while conveniently ignoring the children—children!—they are bullying. Bills like this are appearing nationwide, driven by the Alliance Defending Freedom, which has been behind several discriminatory bills in the past, and defended the Colorado baker who refused a wedding cake to a gay couple.

Thank you for Doing More Than Voting.

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