Alert! Send email to support SB 44!

Today, the MainStream Coalition is in Topeka testifying in favor of SB 44, Governor Kelly's School Finance Plan. This bill finally puts to rest the endless litigation over school finance, ensuring that our schools are fully funded by incorporating an inflation provision, as required by the Kansas Supreme Court.

But ultra-conservatives in the Kansas Legislature have already indicated they intend to prevent attempts to fully fund public schools. They have openly discussed denying this bill (in the face of the Judicial ruling), throwing out the new funding plan and starting over, and even a Constitutional Amendment to remove the Court's oversight of the Constitution in school funding matters.

We need you to connect with your Kansas Legislators today, tomorrow, and this week, to tell them Kansas needs fully funded schools now. Already a generation of Kansas kids have missed out on the opportunities we the people have guaranteed them, while Gov. Brownback and his allies delayed and delayed doing what was right.

Finally we have a Governor ready to do right by ALL Kansas children. Please contact your Legislators today.

It's time to end this. Let's fully fund our schools. Do more than vote.

Thank you.

P.S. Don't know who represents you in the Kansas Legislature? Find out at

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