Annual Primary Election Day

Primary elections are coming up in Kansas, on August 1st. That's just two weeks away! You should vote in these primaries. In fact, you should vote in every election. You should vote early, by mail or in person. Or as we like to joke, "Vote early, and often! (as often as you are allowed by law)"

But voting has always been a little confusing. People don't know when they are coming up, they miss crucial primaries, or they just don't pay attention unless there's a full Presidential Election megaphone behind it.

Voting advocate, "Hey, citizen, are you a regular voter?"
Citizen, "Of course, every four years!"
Advocate, "You vote for President, that's great! What about every two years, when Congress is up for election?"
Citizen, "Right, sometimes, sure. Yeah."
Advocate, "Great. What about in odd-numbered years? When your city or school board are up for election?"
Citizen, "Uh, yeah, no, I don't know when those are. Or who. Are those important?"

Now though, there's a simple fix to this problem. Here it is.

Voting happens EVERY YEAR now, in August and in November. Recent changes in Kansas have pushed local elections, in odd-numbered years, into the Fall,as statewide and Federal elections already are. These local elections are still non-partisan, though extremists would like to bring party politics onto your local school board if they could. But in the midst of their plot to sway local elections to party line voting, they solved one problem with voting confusion.

In early August of EVERY year, you can expect to be voting in a primary election.

In early November of EVERY year, you can expect to be voting in a general election.

Every year. Like Halloween. Or your birthday.

Sometimes those elections will be for local people. Sometimes they will be for national parties. But every August and every November, like clockwork, you get to decide the direction of your community, your state, and your country.

So let's get behind this. August 1, 2017 is our first annual Primary Election Day. #votingday

How will you celebrate it?

Who will you vote for?

Remember to do more than vote. Get informed, get involved, make a difference.

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