Courage Deserves Thanks

Let's get this out of the way. Taxes are the cost of living in a modern civilization, one that wants its children to succeed, its seniors to live a full life, its families to be more than one medical disaster away from homelessness.

Even those extremists shouting "Taxes are theft!" don't ever suggest we have no taxes. No, instead they pile on sales taxes, or property taxes, claiming that you don't have to buy nutritious food or live in a decent home if your tax burden is too high. They slash income taxes, or float childish "flat taxes" as "fair" taxation, ignoring the majority of Kansans without six figure salaries to be able to weather these punitive, regressive policies.

These past few weeks, across the entire state, Americans for Prosperity (AFP, with their little torch symbol) have sent postcards in the districts of Kansas legislators who had the courage to vote for common sense tax policies, ending Governor Brownback's disastrous experiment. These legislators saw that five years of cutting, five years of borrowing against our retirees, five years of missing revenue estimates and lowered credit ratings, five years of failure could not continue.

These legislators had the courage to vote for sustainable tax policy, knowing full well that forces of the extremist right would come for them with postcards like these. Here are two, sent to the districts of Rep. Cindy Holscher (D) and Rep. Melissa Rooker (R). Other postcards are identical with the name and photo changed, for both Republican and Democratic legislators statewide.

AFP Tax Postcards

Join is in celebrating their courage

At our Stand Up, Speak Out event on October 22, 2017, we are celebrating the courage of these legislators, Democrats and Republicans both, who stood up to the Governor and his powerful allies. It's a night to honor advocates, activists, legislators, and voters, and to gather strength for the work that still needs to be done n 2018. Won't you join us?

Thank these legislators

We'd like you to thank these legislators for their override of Governor Brownback's veto of Senate Bill 30. Go to our legislative lookup tool,, and see who represents you in Topeka. We've included a note in their profile indicating whether they voted to override SB 30 or not. Then click on their email, or call them up and let them know what you think. We've also got a list, if you know who your legislators are.

Take a look, even if you're sure your legislator would not have voted for this. You might be surprised how bi-partisan this vote was. Of the 165 legislators in Topeka, 115 of them voted for this. 115 of them are being attacked by extremist interests like AFP for this vote.

Do more than vote. Get informed, get involved, make a difference.

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