Have you voted yet?

Advance voting has begun, and will continue right up until noon on Monday August 4th. If you have not yet voted, you should consider the advantages of voting on your own schedule, at your own convenience.

You can find advance voting locations in your county on the sites below:

You can still do more than vote!

It is not too late to make an impact on the primaries. There are still opportunities to canvass for your local candidates, and we have yard signs to show your neighbors that it is time to "Take Back Kansas." Check our calendar, and request a sign with the links below:

Make a date to vote!

You can double the impact of your vote by taking a registered voter with you to the polls. Make a date with a friend, or a few, to vote and then go to dinner. Polls are open late, get together to vote, then go to happy hour in your neighborhood. Make your favorite watering hole change from baseball to the election returns. Or curl up at home with a book and the radio. Take your children (school is still out!) and show them what it is all about.

The most important thing is that you vote. This is a critical primary, with several moderate candidates fighting to keep the extremists out of Topeka.

Don't forget your endorsements!

MainPAC released their endorsements for these August 5th primaries. Get your copy and take them with you to the polls. 

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commented 2014-08-05 10:36:25 -0500
This is a convenience for those that like to vote in person and on their time. It is similar to Advance balloting but requires driving to the polling place and as far as I know there was only one. Maybe there will be more early voting locations in the future.
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