Here we go!

This past Saturday we gathered hundreds of voters, families, volunteers and candidates at our Step Up Rally to fight extremism in the Kansas Legislature. Over forty-five candidates attended, and the energy to shift the course of Kansas politics was exciting.

We are less than one month from the August 2nd primary elections. We need to take that energy and apply it.

Do you remember where you were when you found out Brownback had won re-election? Do you remember that feeling?

The first step to never feeling that way again is to elect reasonable candidates in the primaries.

Who are those candidates? What can you do to get them elected?

Who to vote for

Our political action committee, MainPAC, published their candidate endorsements a couple of weeks ago. Many of those candidates were at the rally this past weekend. These are candidates who stand up for moderate values, and speak out against extremist policies.

Many of our partners and other groups are also publishing their endorsements and voter guides. We encourage you to look through them, explore these groups and what they stand for, and use their guides to inform your decisions in this primary.

For some perspective, here are the endorsements of some organizations with... different views than those of MainStream (and most Kansans, it should be noted).

How to do more than vote

More than a slogan, "do more than vote" is a call to action. We need to step up and work for the candidates that represent us. Coming to our rally was a good start, but now, three weeks before the election, is when it really starts. How can you step up? By signing up to help a candidate or MainStream. Fill out the form linked below, and we will get in touch, or put you in touch with the candidate in your Districts.

There is no time like now.

Here's an article (with some MainStream shout outs!) talking about which races might have the best chance of changing the Legislature.

The races in your Districts may or may not be contested in this primary. As we like to say, not every race has a primary, but every primary is important. In the end, though, however you choose to get involved, and whomever you choose to support, know that without your help, we are not likely to see much change. Kansas is pointed the way the Governor set it, and being powered by his allies in the Kansas Legislature. We have a chance to change the direction, and to change those pushing it, but we have to act.

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