How do you #domorethanvote?

With two weeks left, many of us have made up our minds on how to vote in this election. We've stomached the Presidential race, we've listened to our local representatives, and we've learned about the judicial retention issues. In many Kansas counties, you can cast your ballot today.

Please go vote.

If you're not yet sure of how to vote, you can look at our PAC's endorsements, or find the endorsements of groups you value. Or, there's a great resource organized by candidate below.

Make an informed choice about your vote.

But if you've already voted, or know how you will vote, we need you to make sure this election represents every Kansan. Already there is a high turnout expected, but that does not mean that voters will be voting their entire ballot, or that they will be sure to vote all the way to the bottom, where the crucial judicial retention races are located.


The Kansas Senate is two seats away from a moderate coalition being able to stop or introduce legislation. The Kansas House is about fourteen seats away. Not only is this fight not over, it is not won yet.

What can you do? How can you do more than vote?

It can be as simple as taking a neighbor to their polling place. If you do that, tweet a picture or post to Facebook. Send us an email. Use the hashtag #domorethanvote

You could identify a candidate you believe in, and volunteer for them. Offer to take a yard sign, or volunteer your time to walk with them. Take a couple hours to call voters on their behalf. Get in touch with the candidate and see what they need. Or join us for our GOTV Blitz Day on November 6th! And when you do, show Kansas what you're doing: post or tweet with #domorethanvote

You could give money to an organization working on this election (you may have gotten an email or two from the national campaigns...). We would accept your direct support, of course, or you can buy a raffle ticket to help MainStream, but any number of other groups would happily accept $5 or more. When you do, be sure to let us know with #domorethanvote

Why? Because it has been shown that just asking people if they will vote, will make them more likely to vote. Getting people to make a voting plan, means they are more likely to vote. And asking people how they can do more than vote? We hope it has the same effect.

Two weeks remain before this election. Millions are already voting.

How do you #domorethanvote?

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