How it all started

Nobody denies that Kansans are in trouble. The state continues to lose money, scraping what it can from between the couch cushions at KDOT and KPERS. Hospitals are closing, leaving communities and patients without the health security they need. Schools are being squeezed by naive legislators who think lobbyists know what children need to succeed.

And bubbling below it all is a restive unhappiness, that some are exploiting to push laws banning the "other." Other religions, other lifestyles, other races. Kansas is in trouble.

Where did it all begin? Can we trace it back?

We can. It goes back to the year 2012, when Brownback signed drastic tax cuts not law, and common sense moderates were ousted from the Statehouse, in favor of untested lawmakers beholden to the Governor's narrative.

Governor Brownback believes that he knows best. That his way, taxing those with the least to bolster those with the most, in the belief that some of that will trickle down, is the best path to prosperity. That if he just wishes hard enough, repeats what he wants often enough, it will become true. That Kansas will be a model for conservatives across the nation. But, he is wrong.

The evidence is against him. Stagnant job growth, flat wages, falling revenue, and yes, rising sales taxes are the result. This is not a prosperous Kansas. This is prosperity for the few.

This week, on Thursday night, we will hold a forum (see below) on the Kansas tax plan and the results it has had. We will host Duane Goossen of KCEG, former Kansas State Budget Director for twelve years under Republicans and Democrats, Rep. Kathy Wolfe Moore of the KS House Committees on Taxation and Appropriations, and Annie McKay, Executive Director of the Kansas Center for Economic Growth.

They will have the facts, the numbers, the proof. You should come, or watch it online.

All that has gone wrong for Kansans stems from those moments in 2012 when the Governor was allowed to bring his ideas to life. When he was given the power, what he thinks of still as a mandate, to remake Kansas in his image.

Kansans had the chance to show him his error in 2014. Only half of Kansans registered to vote even bothered to vote that year. 800,000 registered voters did not cast a ballot.

This year, we again have a chance to correct that course. To vote for those who would change direction. Strong moderate incumbents are looking for your support, and courageous candidates are standing up to speak out against the Governor's allies.

Come to our forum, and learn what you can do to stand up and speak out.


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