It's the Revenue, Stupid

When Governor Brownback first proposed his "glide path to zero" income tax, he said it would be a shot of adrenaline to the Kansas economy.

Kansas would soon be like Texas, where job growth was booming (though the majority of that growth was in low-wage jobs). Never mind that the tax reduction would mostly benefit businesses and the well-to-do. Their re-investment in Kansas would bring the economy roaring back, and a rising tide would lift all boats.

Well, several years down the line, and there is definitely a rising tide. The recession has ended. Just this past week, national stories noted that the economy is back to where it was before the recession. States across the midwest are experiencing job growth, and a rise in their economic fortunes.

But that tide is not lifting all the boats. Because Kansas' boat has a huge hole in the bottom: the disastrous lack of revenue caused by these tax cuts.

In this last year, Kansas' revenue has dropped so far that the Legislature, in coming up with a budget, skirted the fine point of the balanced budget law by dipping into the surplus fund just to make ends meet. Next year's budget, if no additional revenue is found, will require even more drastic cuts in services.


Kansas lags most of region in GDP growth
LJWorld - "We're not doing very well," said Kansas University Professor Donna Ginther, director of the Center for Science, Technology and Economic Policy.

Board of Education makes two Districts 'innovative'
KC Star - "The Kansas Department of Education had previously recommended against approving both districts’ applications because they sought waivers from federal laws and regulations."

What Conservatives Think
Salina Journal - "This country has its problems and issues. Issues that have to be reviewed and debated. But this debate needs to be rational. It has to be based on facts and hard, concise ideas on how to fix our problems. There is no room for vague religious terrors or irrational political dogma to exacerbate our woes."

Get Informed

Know your issues, know your candidates, and get involved. When Eric Cantor lost his primary to a little-known, radical Tea Party candidate, it was a wake up call to conservatives, liberals, and moderates in Kansas. Get out the vote in the August 5 Primaries, or run the risk of being mis-Represented in Topeka by an extremist.

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