No, not Brownback Partisans

We’ve seen claims lately that some of the incumbents endorsed by MainPAC are “Brownback partisans,” and we would like to clear up any misunderstanding, given Brownback’s distaste for all of our positions on the issues.

MainPAC’s endorsements include sole endorsements for several “friendly incumbents.” These are politicians who have, through their record of voting, supported the positions MainStream supports. We put out a voting scorecard this year, indicating how closely incumbents voted with our positions. Incumbents who are “friendly” to our issues received sole endorsements from MainPAC, even if their opponent was also clearly a supporter of our issues. This is done not just out of loyalty, but out of a recognition of the increased influence an incumbent can have in Topeka. They support the issues we do, we don’t care what party they come from.

Rest assured, incumbents who are not “friendly” do not receive endorsements, much less sole endorsements.

Here are the friendly incumbents in the Kansas Legislature endorsed by MainPAC, and their score on our voting scorecard.

KS Senate
Marci Franciso 100%
Tom Holland 100%
David Haley 83%
Pat Pettey 100%
Barbara Bollier 100%
Anthony Hensley 100%

KS House
John Wilson 100%
Stephanie Clayton 100%
Nancy Lusk 100%
Linda Gallagher 100%
Jarrod Ousley 100%
Melissa Rooker 100%
Louis Ruiz 100%
Pam Curtis 100%
Tom Burroughs 100%
Valdenia Winn 100%
Kathy Wolfe Moore 100%
Barbara Ballard 100%
Tom Sloan 100%
Dennis Highberger 100%

These twenty have consistently shown their support for the issues we hold dear: strong public schools, good, transparent government, responsible fiscal policy, and compassionate health care. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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