One last day

We can go on in this space. Today and tomorrow we will keep it short and sweet.

Today, Monday August 1st, provides us with one more day before critical primary elections in Kansas. Tomorrow, August 2nd, is election day. You've seen the endorsements (we've published them again below). You've seen the yard signs. It's been hard to avoid the national conversation. Kansas is a cautionary tale to many across the country. A stagnant economy, downgraded once again by international credit agencies. Hospitals and care agencies closing, squeezed dry by Brownback's uncaring health care mismanagement. Teachers fleeing and academic measures falling, the result of repeated disregard for education.

Kansas needs help. And you can give it.

Vote. Please.

But, of course, we ask you, our friends and supporters, to do more than vote. Take a friend the the polls. Ask your neighbors if they plan to vote. Give your mother or your children a ride to vote. Babysit so someone can go cast a ballot. Every day, even the last day, is an opportunity to make a difference.

Who should you vote for?

Not sure who to vote for? MainPAC, our political action committee, put out endorsements earlier this summer, which are linked below. Other partners and groups with similar values have also endorsed candidates, and we have included those as well.

Other Partner Endorsements

How to judge a candidate (not endorsements) by the League of Women Voters

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