Pledge to vote in 2016

The primary and general elections in 2016 are critical to the future of Kansas. In 2014, fully half of registered voters did not bother to vote. With every seat in the Kansas Legislature up for a vote, and a Presidential election fueling the base, every vote will count.

We urge you to vote, early and often (as often as the law allows, which is to say, in every election to which you are entitled: don't sit one out).

But we are asking you to pledge to do more than just vote. Stand up for what you believe, and speak out about the importance of issues, about the misinformation spread by the extremists, about the importance of voting itself. You are committed to your ideal and your vote, but we need you to do more than vote. We need you to encourage others to vote.

Get informed, get involved, and make a difference.

Will you pledge to vote?

42 votes
Definitely  I pledge to do more than vote in 2016!
Yes  I pledge to vote in 2016.
No  I don't support your positions.
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