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This week, there are three ways you can show how Kansans stand up and speak out. We stand for justice in the fight for voting rights. We speak out against shamelessly political health care bills that hurt, rather than help people. We gather and share our compassion with immigrants and their children who want nothing but to stay in the only country they know as home. You can help. Here's how.

Stand up for Voting Rights

At MainStream, we operate under the certainty that most people don't ascribe to extremist views. That most people want government that looks out for all the people, not just those aligned with a fringe ideology. That most people want to have strong schools for all children, not just those who can afford it. That most people want everyone to live in a healthy, safe community, not just those who can move when fortune smiles somewhere else.

Imagine then, what happens when voters have their rights taken from them. When extremists in government string together one measure after another to make voting harder. Fewer advance voting days here. More stringent ID requirements there. Voting "neighbors" in your redrawn district who live fifty miles away. We call that voter suppression.

MainStream is a partner in the ACLU's "Let People Vote" Campaign, which kicks off this Sunday in Lawrence, KS. You can show up at the event, or participate online, and see what our coalition has cooked up to fight for voting rights leading up to the 2018 election. Rumor has it there's a gubernatorial candidate who has something of a record on voter suppression...

Protect Health Care for All

US Senators Graham and Cassidy won't stop trying to repeal affordable care to replace it with no effective coverage for pre-existing conditions, less money for states, and a fiscal cliff in 2026 that would decimate health care in Kansas. They would destroy basic essential care coverage, and virtually eliminate protections for pre-existing conditions, allowing insurance companies to price those patients out of the system. The latest? After several Senators expressed reluctance, Graham-Cassidy is back with special exemptions for their states, KY, AK, and ME. It appears that all they want is a victory, and they won't stop regardless of how bad the bill becomes.

Well, we won't stop either.

Learn more and call Kansas Senator Jerry Moran today.

But don't stop there! MainStream, in collaboration with the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas, is asking you to get ready for a national call in event tomorrow, Tuesday, September 26th. They thought they caught us flat-footed. But we won't let them gut protections for essential care and pre-existing conditions.

Show up for Immigrant Families

It is not enough to say they should stay. It's not enough to feel for them as children are deported from the only home they have ever known. It is not enough to push Like on Facebook. There are 800,000 people, taxpayers, neighbors, veterans, many who have lived here their entire lives, who now face being, not deported, but exiled from their only home. Imagine if you were told you could no longer live in this country. Where would you go? How would you live there? What if you didn't speak the language? This is what these people face.

MainStream, in collaboration with AIRR, MORE2, and Colonial Church, is hosting a gathering on immigration reform, DACA, and what we can do as Kansans to help them stay where they belong, at home, here.

Do more than vote. Get informed, get involved, make a difference.

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