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Make the next two minutes count: Take 3 simple actions to help save public schools & protect voting rights!

The House gavels in at 11 am today (3/15) and they are scheduled to vote on H Sub for SB83 – the "Education Savings Account" voucher bill. SB83 dangerously expands the voucher program and diverts millions of dollars of your tax dollars to support private, parochial and home schools that are not held to the same accountability standards public schools. The bottom line: you would subsidize private institutions, while public school students pay the ultimate price.

​Visit KSLegLookup.org to find your state Rep and urge them to vote NO on H Sub for SB83! 

Click here for a breakdown of H Sub for SB38 and a sample email from our friend Erin Woods at Six Degrees of Activism.

The House Elections Committee convenes today at 3:30 pm and will be voting on SB209. This bill, as amended in the Senate, abolishes the current 3-day voter protection/grace period for returning mail ballots and invalidate tens of thousands of otherwise eligible votes.

SB208 is also in committee, and has already received a hearing. We've been told that this bill will not be scheduled for a committee vote, but if we're learned anything from the KSLeg it's that transparency is not their strongest suit. We're asking that you urge the committee not to take any further action on SB208.

Use our advocacy form to easily send an email to the House Elections Committee urging them to vote NO on SB209 & take no further action on SB208!

There's power in numbers! Send this link to 5 friends and ask them join you in saving public education and protecting voting rights: https://www.mainstreamcoalition.org/take_action_031423

Mainstream Coalition works year-round to save Kansas from extremists, outside agendas, and bad policies that would take our state backward. We invite you to join a network of like-minded advocates and become a Mainstream member, starting at only $35.

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