Thank You, No Rest for the Weary

Last night we celebrated our 17th Annual Stand Up, Speak Out Awards Dinner. It was amazing. Well over 800 dedicated, engaged, active individuals came together to celebrate our victories last year, finally rejecting Governor Brownback's tax folly. That was an effort of many: advocates who made the space for a movement, activists who worked to fill that space with voters, voters who chose to move Kansas in a different direction, and legislators who enacted that change. We thanked them last night.

But we wanted to make sure to thank you, too. We reach tens of thousands of people with these emails, on social media, and at our events. You, too, have had a hand in turning Kansas around. Without your support then, we would still be mired in economic fantasy, hopelessly waiting "just a little longer" to see the fruits of Brownback's experiment. Thank you. But without your support now, we run the risk of letting the state slide back into the muck, mired in shouts of "tax and spend liberals" and "Republicans in name only!"

Stay connected. Stay engaged. Let's continue to make a difference.

November 7 - Do more than vote

In that vein, there's a general election on November 7th, as there is every year now. MainPAC has released their recommendations for many races in Johnson, Wyandotte, and Douglas Counties. Please start doing more than voting. Talk to your friends about these local elections. Remind them how many of our best (and worst) politicians started at the local level. Encourage them to vote. Then, do more. Get involved in the campaign of someone in your community. Volunteer to make phone calls or to walk with them. Don't wake up on November 8th and wonder how this could have happened.

Do more than vote: get informed, get involved, make a difference

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