This Week - September 23, 2019

2020 looms over everything right now: the Census is coming, reproductive freedom will be on the ballot, registering to vote is more important than ever. But you can be political now, at Stand Up, Speak Out on October 29! These are the highlights of this week in Kansas politics.

The Census looms large for Kansas

The 2020 Census is just around the corner, and it could not be more critical for Kansas (and the country). Kansas is urging every citizen to fill it out when it comes, but the recent rhetoric on immigration has people worried some may skip it. The result? Undercounting could cause Kansas to lose millions of dollars in Federal aid, and affect the state's redistricting in 2022.

Reproductive Freedom will be on the ballot in 2020

Extremists are already banging the drums to include a vote on women's reproductive health on your ballot in Kansas in 2020. The Kansas Supreme Court recently ruled that the Kansas Constitution protects a woman's reproductive freedom. Now, Kansans for Life are marshaling their forces to introduce an Amendment to the Kansas Constitution to change that. Are you willing to step up and defend reproductive freedom?

Dare to be political

When we are working to get out the vote, we often hear the following from Kansans, "Oh, I'm not political." At MainStream, we are constantly asking people to talk politics with their friends, to get in touch with their representatives, to advocate for what is most important to them. We ask them to do more than vote. That's what being political means. Join us at Stand Up, Speak Out on October 29, 2019, the largest non-partisan gathering of political Kansans in the state. Dare to be political.

  • Buy tickets to Stand Up, Speak Out 2019, and join hundreds of voters, activists, advocates, candidates, and elected officials at the only non-partisan event of its kind in Kansas. Tuesday, October 29, starting at 5:30 pm (program starts at 7 pm) at the Overland Park Convention Center. Learn more

Tuesday is National Voter Registration Day

Have you noticed that Tuesdays are for politics? Tomorrow is National Voter Registration Day, and we urge you to register, or make sure every single person you know is registered to vote. In Kansas, it's easy, just go to and register. And once you've done that, visit our get out the vote project, Voter to Voter. There's no better way to make a difference now and in 2020.

Now, go out and do more than vote! Thank you.

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