Voting Works

It is likely that the local elections this past Tuesday were the last Spring elections to be held in Kansas. Next time we have municipal and school elections, they may be on the Fall ballot, their issues mixed in with partisan elections for State or National offices. We have fought this proposed change, and will continue to do so.

Just about 10% of the electorate voted on Tuesday, a disappointingly low number with races that were so important in some cities and districts. This must be addressed before we can call ourselves a representative democracy, and MainStream works hard to educate voters and get out the vote.

But in spite of this, voting works. This election provides concrete examples of some of the messages we keep pushing: that votes matter, that every election is important, and that as more people vote, moderate positions win.

Every vote counts!

In the election for Roeland Park's city council, two moderates endorsed by MainPAC were running against candidates supported by the far right. As the official stand right now, Erin Thompson won her election by nine votes, and Michael Poppa was ahead by five, pending the results of provisional ballots.

Five votes. Each and every single vote, including the fifteen provisional ballots, has the power to swing this election. If you voted on Tuesday, your vote counts.

Primaries win elections

In Wyandotte County, Melissa Bynum, an active community member and moderate running for the Board of Commissioners of the Unified Government, squeaked by in her primary by just 23 votes. It was so close, in fact, that only 33 separated her from third place and out of contention for the general election. In the general election, she handily beat her opponent by 12%. In this case, the election was won in the primary race.

Moderates can win big

In Blue Valley, the school board race quickly became one to watch. Pam Robinson was the moderate incumbent, but she was challenged by a confident challenger, propped up and funded by the Koch Brothers' agency, Americans for Prosperity. Robinson mailed a few postcards, MainPAC ran one, but her opponent flooded mailboxes with paid-for attacks in the past weeks. Despite all that money, Pam Robinson's grassroots support resulted in a landslide win for her and the school kids of Blue Valley. She prevailed by 60%.

Moderates won on Tuesday

Of the candidates endorsed by MainPAC, the political action committee of the MainStream Coalition, 67% of them won their races. You, our members and supporters, made that happen. When moderates are active, moderate values and candidate prevail. Remember that.

Remember, every vote counts, and your vote counts. Whether it is a landslide win, or a five vote squeaker, every single ballot cast, early, by mail, or at the booth, is crucial in guaranteeing our leaders represent us. Vote Early. Vote in every election.

Thank you.

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