Election Season Begins

This is a re-posting of our weekly email for June 6, 2014.

On June 2, the deadline for candidates to file for the 2014 elections passed. We now know who will run for what seat in Kansas, where moderates are safe, and where they face stiff challenges from well-backed extremists. Look up your district at openkansas.org, then look at the candidate list. There are a number of races where MainStream and our members can make a difference.

The first step is to get informed on the issues and the voting records of your representatives. Read our summary of moderate issues and positions, then look at the Voting Scorecards for your county.

The second step is to get involved. Do more than vote. If you have time, give it. If you have money, donate it. If you have friends, talk to them. Be involved in making a change in Kansas. Only 17% of Johnson County registered voters voted in the primaries in 2012, a Presidential year. Just a few more voters can make a huge difference. When more people vote, moderates win.

The third step is to get out the vote. Use our Voting Toolkit to get prepared to vote, and hand it out to your family, friends, and neighbors. Talk about the importance of voting in the primary elections on August 5.


Kansas Tax Revenues Plunge Again
KC Star - "Kansas revenues plunged again in May, leaving the state more than $300 million below estimates for the current year. The state reported Friday afternoon that revenues fell $217 million below estimates in May, the second month in a row they came up short of expectations."

Expert forecast: Kansas will be in the red within a year without changes
CJ Online - "Legislators were already planning to spend more than the state was projected to take in in tax collections in FY 15 and make up the difference with reserves held over from the current fiscal year."

You Have Until July 1 to change your Party Affiliation
LJWorld - "If you want to change your party registration before the August primary, you have until July 1 to do it."

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