It Starts Here

Tomorrow is election day. Next week, we hold our annual forum on what to expect next year in Kansas politics. Next year is (yet another) critical election year, with Kansas Governor, Kansas Secretary of State, all 125 Kansas State House seats, and several US Congressional seats in play. If you haven't started thinking about next November, now is the time. It starts here.


Tomorrow is election day. This is now an annual event. Every August you will have a primary election. Every November you will have a general election. Tomorrow you will vote on those elected officials closest to your life, the ones who decide on the little things that add up to your every day experience. These are city councilors, mayors, school board members, and county officials. The worst and the best begin their careers in local office. Please vote, and then, do more than vote.

What's next?

Next Tuesday, the 14th, at 7 pm, we are holding our annual forum on what to expect in Kansas politics in 2018. We will be at the Sylvester Powell Community Center in Mission, KS, and will be joined by Michelle Watley of the ACLU, David Smith of the KCK Public Schools, and David Jordan of the Alliance for a Healthy Kansas.


When we say "It starts here," we are talking about a national movement to turn the country around that is starting right here in Kansas. In your community. At your ballot box. Maybe you've seen it? As the nation has slipped into the same struggle we have endured in Kansas since 2012, we voted to take our state back from the extremists, bringing common sense, compassion, facts and collaboration back to Kansas politics. Today, the US Congress is considering a tax plan Kansas has already seen, and barely survived. Today, the US is led by a senior executive who is dismissive of the majority of his constituents, who disagree with his policies. Kansas has already seen someone like him, and barely survived. Today, the nation is divided so completely that articles about the death of "the middle" are common. In Kansas, we are seeing Republicans and Democrats working together to improve the lives of ALL Kansans.

It starts here. It starts at the ballot box tomorrow. It starts in the Kansas Legislature in January. It starts in the primaries in August, and it starts at the ballot box next November.

Ad astra, per aspera, indeed. Kansas can show the nation the way. It starts here.

Do more than vote: get informed, get involved, make a difference.

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