This Week - September 30, 2019

Topeka is humming with activity, and we need your voice in the mix. KanCare Expansion meetings, meetings about taxes, concern about the safety of children in our schools. Also this week, a chance to work to increase the representation of women in public policy spaces. These are the highlights of this week in Kansas politics.

KanCare Expansion

It's been about a decade now that Kansas has had the opportunity to offer access to health care to working Kansans who fall in the care gap. In that time, we've paid $3.5 billion in taxes for health care, and received none of it back to help Kansans. Year after year, we see extremists playing politics with people's health, asking for more studies, complaining about "Obamacare," and trying to pit disabled Kansans against the working poor. With the Governor's Council on Medicaid Expansion meeting today, and the Senate's committee meeting later in October, we need you to step up so that this is the last year we aren't taking care of our neighbors.

It is time for women to claim their seat at the table

Women are under-represented everywhere in the public sphere, from elected positions to appointed positions and everywhere in between. The Women's Foundation works to increase the number of women serving on public boards and commissions, and MainStream has partnered with them to hold The Appointment Workshop, an event designed to help women claim a seat at the table. Join us this Thursday at 5:30 pm for al right dinner and a great workshop.

Guns vs vaping in schools? We can do both

Public schools are a priority for us at MainStream, because our children are a priority to Kansans. Our schools are responsible for their education, their health, and their safety, among other things. In recent weeks, we've seen a lot of discussion of the vaping epidemic, and gun safety. While some take umbrage at the hot moment anti-vaping efforts are having, noting that the number of deaths pale compared to school shooting deaths (and gun deaths in general), we would like to suggest we can do both. Take a minute to read about recent developments in both of those areas, and then, do more than vote. Talk about it with your friends, contact your representatives, and make sure your views are known to those making decisions.

Your Kansas legislators are working right now

The Governor is holding meetings on health care expansion and tax reform right now, and on through the Fall. Legislators are meeting in Topeka through January on important issues like health care, education, taxes, and more. Last week, the Kansas Health Secretary testified in Congress about the need for regulation of e-cigarettes (subscription required), as another Kansan died of vaping related causes. Just because the Kansas Legislature is not in session doesn't mean your representatives don't need to hear from you. Take a minute now to let them know you're paying attention.

Dare to be political

When we are working to get out the vote, we often hear the following from Kansans, "Oh, I'm not political." At MainStream, we are constantly asking people to talk politics with their friends, to get in touch with their representatives, to advocate for what is most important to them. We ask them to do more than vote. That's what being political means. Join us at Stand Up, Speak Out on October 29, 2019, the largest non-partisan gathering of political Kansans in the state. Dare to be political.

  • Buy tickets to Stand Up, Speak Out 2019, and join hundreds of voters, activists, advocates, candidates, and elected officials at the only non-partisan event of its kind in Kansas. Tuesday, October 29, starting at 5:30 pm (program starts at 7 pm) at the Overland Park Convention Center. Learn more

Now, go out and do more than vote! Thank you.

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