Vote. Here's why, how, and for whom

Share this post. This is the last chance to do more than vote. Share this with your family, friends, co-workers, strangers at the library. Be obnoxious, be forward, because there is only tomorrow.


Why should you vote? Check the links below, but here's the gist: this election could set the stage for the next thirty years in Kansas. If the judges are not retained, if the legislature is not shifted, Sam Brownback's agenda will be re-asserted. This will set the stage for the Governor's race in two years, and could sweep the Kansas Supreme Court into Brownback's camp. If you are unhappy with Brownback and his policies, quite simply, this is the last best chance to change direction in Kansas.


If you have not voted yet, you will already need to be registered to vote, and you will need to visit your polling place tomorrow, Tuesday, November 8th. There are a number of ways to find your polling place, we've chosen Google's below.

But be sure, whatever you do, to vote the entire ballot! The elections at the top are no more important than those at the bottom, and in many case, you'll feel the local elections more acutely than the national. But you don't have to choose which is more important, vote on every question, vote the whole ballot.


Our political action committee, MainPAC, has endorsed candidates in northeast Kansas. Please look at those endorsements, those candidates will protect public schools and work to reverse the fallout from Brownback's fiscal policies. We've weathered some pushback about these choices, and addressed them here, but it bears some repetition: MainPAC's endorsements cross party lines because, especially in Kansas, both parties must work together to accomplish moderate goals. Moderate Republicans cannot do it alone. Democrats cannot do it alone. MainPAC chooses candidates to support based on their voting records (if they are incumbents), as well as interviews and surveys. MainStream supports collaboration and compromise in politics, to better give all Kansans access to strong public schools, financial security, and compassionate health care.

But if you're not happy with just one endorsement source, take a look at KanVote's list of candidates and endorsements. It's comprehensive, and can guide you in making your decision.

How can I do more than vote?

It is not too late to do more than vote. Share this post. Reach out to candidates if you've got energy to burn. Gather  friends for a voting party, then a party to watch the returns.

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